Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Food and Friends

P didn't use a high chair. He wasn't really into food (serious gag reflex until almost a year and a half.). He was happy to just nurse. Z seems ready to raid the refrigerator. If she sees me with an apple piece she Freaks until she can gnaw on it :). So today she went in a highchair. And loved it :). She was up high by us while we noshed (rather than eating dust bunnies on the floor;) and she had her apple core:). P was So excited. He reeeeeally wanted to "feed" her. So she tried a little apple sauce. Not so much ;). See funny face below...

Later we had plans for a homeschool meet up. P wasn't too friend dependent in NYC - family was usually enough. Of course, we move away from everyone, get busy with a baby and... he starts wanting friends. So he was terribly excited to go meet these new kids at one of his favorite gardens. But when we arrived, the girls were already pairing off into budding new friendships and P wasn't sure how to get included. After following the group (about 6 families) around for a while without connecting, he was distraught and asking to go home. He said he wanted to leave, but didn't want to leave and... he hates feeling shy. It was the first time he's experienced himself as such - very interesting. So sad :( Long story short - since I abhor typing on my phone - a little Mama magic later and he was happily tossing sticks with an 8 year old boy who moved here last year from Oslo. Come to find out? P's new BFF lives a block away. The boys plotted a playdate for tomorrow, trying to trade "coordinates" (directions.). I am So happy for the Little Man tonight!

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