Tuesday, March 27, 2012


There are flowers everywhere, but the days are still (mostly) cool and damp (to wet). "They" say this is the hardest time of year in the PNW, but we all agree we're down with the weather. Hope that stays true...

Zia has become very particular about being held by me. Poor E, he just glows for her. And she adores him... but often prefers to adore him from afar after a few minutes:).

She realized she can crawl into the kitchen to clamber at my legs. She likes this :)

She also started trying to stand and walk by herself. Multiple times today she would stand and let go of her balancing object. Then, tonight, she took it a step further and attempted a step. Didn't fare so well... but that didn't stop her from trying again a minute later. sigh. She's also trying to master standing and bending over to grab an object. She's getting quite good at it, too! And right before bed she finally did what she has been working on all week. She stood up By Herself, from a sitting position on the floor and balanced for a few seconds before plopping onto her butt. Ethan was quite the proud Papa:)

But it bugs me. I'm nervous she is sensory avoidant or something. She really dislikes crawling on her knees (always trying to crawl on her hands and feet instead). Could be the slight rug burn she's sporting though... But all "the studies" say how important crawling is for neural development, and, of course, I want my baby to get good neural development ;). I guess the question is, is just a few weeks of crawling enough to properly line those pathways, cuz at this rate, I think she'll be walking by 7 months. Which just seems ludicrous. I'm trying to encourage crawling as much as possible - even to the point of mentoring it during the day :). Do they make knee patches in adult sizes?

And last thought for the night - she sucks her thumb sometimes - I'm curious to see if that sticks. I know it's not a great habit - teeth wise - but, damn is it cute.

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