Monday, August 10, 2009

I like quiet

Just a short funny from before our trip (yah, still catching up....) The day before our departure, some men joined us for breakfast on our fire escape. They wanted to move our little garden in the sky to do repairs on the back of the building. No problem.

P, at first, was overjoyed at the entertainment. Then, as I did my bathroom business, I heard him urgently bellow for me. I told him I was occupied and would hurry along. He ran into the bathroom, looking devastated. Truly, almost in tears. What could it be, my pet?

I know the kid likes me a lot, always wants to show me this or tell me that. But it had never really hit me how important this sharing was to him. Apparently, the gentleman had raised a platform on a pulley system (think skyscraper window washers) Right Outside our window and P was miserable at the thought that I would miss the scene. This realization has garnered added patience with the child. I love those moments. (Except for the obvious other side of the coin that points out my previous cluelessness....)

After the high of the men in the sky wore off, the power tools turned on. Only briefly. Then there was a lot of scraping noises. It really wasn't bothersome, to me, at least. The little man thought otherwise. At first he tried howling "Too Loud!!!! Too. Loud!" I put on some music, offered to close the blinds, started a game in the other room. No dice. He was, per usual, focused. We chatted about the men's comfort, their job, the possibility of no more shrieking :) I went to the dishes, the little man to his swing.

Then in a flurry he had a pen and a box top from the recycling bin. " Mama, how do you spell "like"?"

He, who does not like to write or draw established figures, sweated through his small sign and then held it, quietly, to the window :) It read: I like quiet.

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Alicia said...

O this is amazing! I love LOVE love the last shot with the sign in the window!