Saturday, August 22, 2009


The weather was unseasonably cool for much of our Kansas visit, so P's dips in the pool were often interspersed with pops out to soak up the sun. The pose he struck this day, the serious sun soaking look, had me chuckling and reaching for my phone :) It must be hard to be so industriously going through life, always trying to figure things out and mimic what you've seen, with some fool constantly following you around thinking its all hilarious or adorable. I try to hide it my best, since P does think it very, very odd anyone would think what he's doing is at all out of the ordinary :) He is, after all, just a very small grown up.

(Have I mentioned the adorableness (see there I go again) of his short person question the other day? I'm guessing not since I've been too busy to blog for a bit now... At any rate. We were on a family walk when a dwarf walked past us. P's eyes were riveted and I could feel my stomach clench, wondering, is this it? Is this that moment where he says something wildly inappropriate and offends someone? But he just watched and watched as she walked slowly past us. I tried to carry on our conversation, but the kid wasn't listening anyway. Then, as she finally outpaced us (short, but fast legs - truly) P said, "Is that a short grown up?" As I bobble headed a yes of relief, that that was the entirety of his question, his face came into view and the query's impetus came into focus too. He had a look of satisfaction and affirmation as he nodded a slow yes to himself and smiled, just slightly. It was as if he was saying, "Yup, just as I expected. I am a short grown up, and there are others out there as proof..."

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