Sunday, August 17, 2008

P Blogs

So, I'd love to start a special blog for P and all of the photos he's snapping lately... but then my mom would have to figure out how to bookmark another page and, well :) So, for now, I'll just add in his shots and comments here. Because really, who needs to check Two blogs about P?

P's comments, as explained to his toy bunny:

That's Jace. That's Bric. That's Seth. Nobody else. Just the roof

That's not from real life. That just a picture.

They're laughing.

That's Grandpapa, Jace and Bric. I don't know. What are they doing?

That's just a picture. I took it. A skeleton

Jace and Aunt Alicia

And look at that big thing. What do you think that is? Its a big sprinkler. A big thing that sprays water all over the place.

Maybe its a limousine.

That's a restaurant.

1 comment:

Alicia said...

Uncle Seth and I are wondering why didn't hire P to take our wedding pictures! We are excited to see more!

(On a sidenote... I noticed the people were named off from right to left. Did he name them off in that order? If so, when he starts to name them off from left to right, it might be a sign of him becoming more of a reader... That's the Teacher in me.)