Thursday, December 13, 2007

P's Pals

On our way back to NY we visited our fabulous friends in Lawrence. P Loves these people. He calls them Aunt and Uncle and believes they are family. Ella is the big sister P will never have and he talks about her all the time. Reed and P, now that they are both on the other side of that fantastic toddler phase of random pushing, are becoming fast friends.

In the past, these get-togethers were a constant hands on struggle. Gentle Please! Climb elsewhere please! Etc. But this time they were finally old enough to just Play. The kids had Way too much fun with some plastic fangs. They played vet and saved countless stuffed animals from ghastly diseases. They played monster/chase with Uncle Allen (and P had the black eye to prove it!) At one point Reed and Phoenix played quietly beside each other, switching toys wordlessly. This went on for 20 minutes and they almost seemed oblivious to each other's existence. Then, as one passed the other, they both reached out, held one another's hand for a moment and then continued on with their business. It was a joy to see them all enjoying each other so much. Of course, this also gave us adults more time to drink :)

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Seth said...

Down time to drink? Say it ain't so... Sounds like a bunch of fun to me.