Thursday, December 13, 2007

Phoenix finally curses

Last night as P headed to bed he fell. He then turned to me and said "Mama, what's "shit"?" He knew it was the appropriate word, but didn't have a full grasp on its definition:) This reminded me that I hadn't yet journaled his first real curse. Not the mindlessly repeated kind, (the cat runs down the stairs and he repeats the same words E so profoundly stated when the cat snuck out on him) but an honest, proper usage. I hear cyber chuckles from many that it has taken three years for him to reach this point, what, with E's and my extensive vocabulary of colorful words...

Back in Kansas he found these probiotic "Slime" drinks (the company's name, not mine!) and finally weaseled me into buying them. They were obviously gross. (See "slime.") But they were brightly packaged, as many things at the health food store are not,featured a monster and the contents lacked food coloring. He Had to have it.

They came four to a package and upon opening the first one he was revolted by the smell (kefir). He sweet talked my mom into trying some when we got home. She sweet talked him into trying once more and again he couldn't even raise the slime spigot all the way to his mouth. "I no like that smell very much."

A few days later he wanted to try it again (that damn packaging. Slimy advertisers :) ) One whiff and he said "No thanks." Then he thought better of it and decided to make a concoction featuring the stuff. As I washed the dishes and he poured his mess into different glasses I heard his tell tale "Nuffin!" Nuffin, of course, means everything. I turned to see his concoction running off of the cabinet onto the floor. Quickly grabbing some rags, I handed one to him for the cabinet and I started cleaning the floor. Moments later I heard a gagging sound and looked up to see Phoenix scooting backwards from the mess, shaking his head in disgust at the smell, muttering "god dammit!" He'd really tried to help clean. Had stayed at it so long he'd wretched. Its only too appropriate that his first curse was connected to his super sensitive schnoz :)