Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Wagon

We've wanted a wagon since we moved.  Actually, since Brooklyn.  Oh, to have had a wagon to bring groceries home with rather than balancing them in a box on the back of that scooter, uphill, in the snow, with P hanging off the side... Come to think of it, if we'd just purchased the damn thing back then, I may not have felt so much pressure to move ;) (Seriously, it was SUCH a pain in the ass.)  But we always put off purchases.  And we haven't had a place to store one anyway.  Well, I've been eyeing Craigslist for the last year, waiting for a heavy-duty one to be listed, to no avail.  So E and P popped over to the hardware store (now that we'll have a basement to store a wagon in!!!) and snagged one.  P was So Excited.  Cracks me up.  E thinks he can move most of our stuff by the wagonload.  Um.  Me, I'm waiting to see how that all pans out...

At any rate, P was in heaven putting it together.

And E was in heaven taking the kids for a walk with it.  P can walk So Very Far (ok, dance, hop, climb, but rarely walk;) when we go on outings.  And I hope this doesn't deter that.  But I think E liked both of them being in one place, so that he didn't have to strain his single-focused mind by keeping track of both of them at the same time :)  And it was fabulous for Zia.  E grabbed her Bumbo (you know, that total wasted purchase?  Since she used it for about a heartbeat before she only wanted to sit by her big self?) and squished her chubby baby thighs into it and boom, she sat like a Queen at the front.  E and I LOVE to walk.  Far and long, so this definitely will make further distances within our reach too, since the Little Man can only hop, dance and climb so far before growing weary ;)  And, heck, maybe it will even move our stuff to the new house ;)

Family walk!

This shot of E and Z cracks me up.  She adores her father.  And I swear she tries to sign Papa all. the. time. when she sees him (why else would she stick her fist up by the top of her head every time he appears?  And, seriously, the man has been signing Papa at her since she exploded out of the womb.)  Buuuut, she's pretty particular about when she adores her father.   And his kisses.  That he constantly tries to plant on her.  Fortunately, he's got a sturdy personality and can laugh at a six month old consistently pushing away from him :)


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