Monday, April 23, 2012


This earth day weekend was wicked gorgeous.  But I fear we have become true blue Oregonians, as two days straight of warm sunshine just about wiped. us. out.  And that was with us all hidden behind sunglasses, hats and...  The Beast.

We went on a long foot journey Saturday to a huge Nursery in excited preparation of Project Tame-Jungle (seriously, we're gonna close on this house... somefreakin day...).  Too far for the Little Man to schlep, we took the wagon.  But, as mentioned, it was really sunny and the kid tried to hide under his coat while I hovered over Zia with an umbrella.  Not so fab.  Sunday morning we wanted to wander to Mount Tabor.  A long wander and even more sun.  So we grabbed some hula-hoops and a poncho and presto-bango, the kids were comfy.

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