Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pink flowers and monsters

We took E to one of our favorite parks this weekend.  Its reeeeally lovely.  And there's a great pond with rocks in it for rock hopping.  And the paths aren't all paved, since P prefers to walk on non-paved trails ;)

The colors were so vibrant it shocked me.  Zia really enjoys getting out and about these days (as long as a car ride isn't required ;), so its a good family outing.

BB is still a constant fixture in our lives.  He is as much a part of P as is breathing. After doing BB's voice for so long (almost five and a half years now!) I can usually figure out what my script is supposed to be from the way P phrases things or just based on how well I know the inner workings of the pink monster.  (Cuz, seriously, the little thing has a REAL personality. After so many years of friendship, BB has his own set of food allergies, we know what his poo smells like (strawberries) his favorite foods, games, how his Mama (he has a small stuffed Mama I sewed for P a few years back) treats him (BB goes to school and gets yucky dinners), the whole nine yards.)  In fact, I feel a titch multiple personality some days ;)  Occasionally by dinnertime,  I feel like I might cry if I do BB's voice for even one more second, cuz I've barely used my own all freakin day.  And then some days he joins us just on occasion.  Sometimes I get my lines wrong and then P just asks the question again (and again and again) to BB, until he gets a more correct (the desired) response.  Every once in a while P takes a new turn and I'm just lost, saying totally the wrong thing.  "BB!"  BB gets yelled at, a lot.  But the kid always fills me in so that BB can be exactly who he needs at the time :)

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