Friday, April 9, 2010

Bunny Day

Can't find me, Uncle Seth!!!

Egg hunts happen year round around here (finding stuff is such fun!), so, Easter isn't egg-ceptionally (yuck:) exciting for the Little Man (though he relishes the broad realms of "holiday" and "specialness" :) This year, his particular definition of specialness was an afternoon in the park with the Uncles. Fortunately, they all were game :)

We brought eggs to hide, though, with a cabinet full of (rarely consumed) candy, the Little Man lost interest in this pretty quickly, finally Huck Finning the finding to Alicia. Papa sensed the waning and initiated intricate rules for a new game (goblins and golden eggs and such). The Uncles jumped in to join and pretty soon the woods were filled with running and shrieking. The story constantly evolved, first the stick was a pistol, then a magic wand, then there was a magic boomerang and protective scouts. The kid hid, and the adults chased, then the egg hid and... the adults chased. I got exhausted just watching.

E picks goblins.

The chase is on.

Phoenix wishes he would never have to say good-bye to his family. He'd happily live, commune style (and frequently reminds us that we could just move in with Grams and Gramps, um, permanently;) But the Uncles had to go home and tend to all of the wounds they had won that afternoon;) P clutched Bric, in an attempt to retain him just a few more moments... and then finally gave farewell kisses to his beloved family.

(Side note: P had yet to show any real interest in the archetypal boy/girl dynamic. He adores women and thinks girls are fabulous, but has been blissfully clueless beyond broad admiration. Some days he is a girl in his play, some days a boy, and he seems to see no hierarchy there at all. But last Sunday, he made his first remark :) Uncle Ian brought his fabulous new girlfriend for the fun, and P thought she was wonderful (she both wrestled and ran). He asked me later if I liked K, (in that way that intimates: now please ask me!) I said yes, you? Oh yes! Sheepish grin. A few hems and haws. In fact, mama, I think I'd like her as my girlfriend. Awwww ;) Of course, he still swears he's going to marry me, but I can see the seeds are sprouting, or at least planted;)

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