Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our days

Have been flying by, filled with appointments, Dr. visits and phone calls and striving to organize... I've realized, when attempting adult, business conversations, that the children are... shockingly loud.

P tries to get as much time as humanely possible at the new house each day, carting beloved possessions over by bag or by pocket every trek. He has spread these toys out all over the floor of "his" "room" (the open area at the top of the attic stairs. Best spot in the house, really, with awesome water stained,unfinished (granted, a little splinter-y...) fir floor boards, an angled ceiling with a skylight and a little ladder that leads to a loft (aka Nerf Gun Stalk Zone... watch out Uncle Seth;).

Below: the kids, in two of their fave new spaces. Zia digs the attic window seat and P loves to spin (and run and shout and slide himself along the floor and...) in the open attic area...

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