Thursday, June 18, 2009

Teardrop Park

Months ago, P and I saw a picture of an amazing slide. Yesterday, we finally rode it. After a gleeful morning of playdoh we went searching for what seemed a green needle in a high soaring haystack; a tiny park stuck amongst skyscrapers. I'd mapped it, but it was still elusive. Finally, someone pointed us towards what appeared to be a lush apartment courtyard. As we wandered into the space, P turned a corner of green, saw it, and squealed :)

Unbelievably, the day only improved from there. We climbed, snacked, slid and rock hunted. Then we wandered back down a path that led us to another park, one of P's favorites. I was shocked to see how closely we had missed the green gem and super slide countless times! Crossing into the riverside park, P took off at top speed in hopes of scoring a barrel of fun. And after some patient hop filled waiting, he did. And a new friend to boot.

P conquers the hop-a-long:

P and BB join Danny (yesterday's new buddy) under a bridge:

P, BB and Danny found a million different purposes for their barrel:

As a sidenote: Kids consistently accepted BB into the rough of things. With no issues, no commentary, no double takes, nothin'. That pink monster was as seamless a playmate as you could imagine. Seriously natural. He took a turn on the slide each time, and despite the long line and a couple of very vocal kids, not one had even a hint of an issue with the doll being included. Same for the barrel boy. Within minutes of playing together, P and Danny found their rhythm with BB and the three of them had a ball. I sat back in amazement each time. Then, when P joined a group on the merry go round, BB and he each took a seat. Separate seats. No one batted an eye.

Was I the only one that thought a pink and green monster made for an unlikely playground pal? Apparently :) I suppose every kid has had some special fluffy friend they adore, possibly drug along for days (or dreamed of dragging along) and could therefore relate. Its just fascinating to watch how readily kids align with P's sidekick. Grown-ups, when introduced to BB, inevitably, even the sweetest of them, have a detached sensibility about it all. They are talking to a stuffed animal. But kids, they shriek his name like he's another playmate, laugh and grab him just like they tackle P. BB's just included.

P finished out the day at yet another playground, just a hop, skip and a jump from all of the previous amenities. (If we didn't love our nabe so much, we would So be moving:) This one showcased a huge trampoline, sand galore, the merry go round and lovely water features. Despite the chilly day, the little man donned his suit and splashed about:

As we headed home that night, P wanted to wander back in reverse. There was a path he was curious about. And so we followed his curiosity right to the Coolest Rock Wall Ever. P was beside himself to return with his Uncles to climb here (I think it may be part of a sculpture and therefore not climbable, but I'll look into it). We rounded a bend only to find even more lovely rocks to clamber upon! (I had already cased my camera and was feeling too lazy to pull it back out. Now I'm regretting it, I'd love to post how beautiful these rocks were!) Alas, with Papa awaiting us, our exploration of this was briefer than we both preferred... but that just gives us something to really look forward to....

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Tanya said...

"I suppose every kid has had some special fluffy friend they adore, possibly drug along for days (or dreamed of dragging along) and could therefore relate."
I can relate! I have a stuffed animal bear daughter, and she rocks. Sometimes she goes to work with Mike and whenever he plays tennis, she is there watching (one time she claimed to have carried him home to brooklyn from the les). I take her out and about with me, too. We have developed a rich and interesting life for her. Recently she started an organization called the Society for the Ethical Treatment of Stuffed Animals (Not Wearing Them As Pants) (Or Giving Them To Dogs As Chew Toys). This came about after taking her to a party where some guy was describing a pair of pants his girlfriend made for him out of stuffed animals, and then, the following week, dog-sitting for a neighbor who had given the dog stuffed animals as chew toys. In any event, you may now conclude that I am completely batty, as I am not a 4 year child but a 31 year old woman (with the emotional maturity of a 4 year old). Right now she is demanding another Sierra Nevada, so I have to run. But I hope we can catch up soon! Love :-x