Friday, June 12, 2009

Shell central

Upon P's return home, his enormous bag of booty was deposited into the sink for a thorough cleansing and animal removal procedure. He wanted me to take a shot to document the enormity of it all :)

I've Got to get a picture of his play table tomorrow. It currently contains all of his nature finds, rocks, shells, flowers and whatnot. It is pretty surreal. A friend recently told me a story about an unschooling mum of three who's daughter was a natural collector. The mum mentioned that she would have worried she had "caused" the collecting behavior had she not seen it materialize in just the one, and so instinctively and passionately. Silly as it is, that was reassuring to hear, as my wee collector drags home yet another whatnot for his whatever collection (pick it, really, we've got rocks, shells, buttons, berries, sticks, hats, bottle caps, pennies, unclaimed met cards. And of course, toys :) And he's only 4. Oh, and a HALF.)

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