Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rock Art

After posting about P's abstract approach to two dimensional art I started brainstorming on ways to bring 3-D closer to 2-D. Less line, less definition, but still a general attention to mass and shape. And then it hit me. Rocks!

So we color sorted his precious collection and went to town roughing in general mass. It was great, because with a tiny shift of a rock his intent could shift too, leaving disappointment and unmet expectations behind. His Egyptian Bunny, above, really nailed the complex space the young mind resides in; understanding the concept of "drawing" but still viewing the world in sculptural form. So, while I thought he'd nailed a full on side-shot of a bunny body, the little man shook his head and added another ear, as if viewing it from above :)

He's seen lots of shark drawings though, and when he brought his rocks to the breakfast table the next day his shark was infinitely recognizable. Even BB knew to be scared. Right up until the rock jaws bit the little monster's toes and then swallowed him whole....

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