Sunday, April 19, 2009

La Famiglia Dimitri

Last weekend we saw the most amazing show at the New Victory Theater! A small Swiss family, their patriarch having performed with the likes of Marcel Marceau, thrilled us with their enormous smiles and high wire acts. A typical three ring would be a bit of a sensory overload for P, but his love of tricks and acrobatics practically demands a diet of some circus fare.... Fortunately, the Dimitri family perfectly fits that bill.

Check them out here: There's even a tiny video to give you a better look. They played a huge array of acoustical instruments (good for easily overwhelmed ears, despite his inclination towards overwhelming Others with His sounds ;) that inspired P to no end and performed trick after trick that had P continually asking "could you do that mama? If you practiced a Lot, then you could do it, right?" He laughed at the two mimes, was mesmerized by the floating man, the twirling umbrella, the slowly drawn transitions. After only 20 minutes he leaned to me and asked "can we see this again, Mama? Soon?" It was, in a single word, Perfect.

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