Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pistachios (said with disdain...)

I don't relish the weeks we experiment with nuts. But the Little Man loves kernels of all kinds, and its a sad thing to live without a love :)

So he bought a bag of pistachios in Kansas (on an outing with E;), but agreed to wait the week until we were safely ensconced in our home... where no one else would have to deal with us! Upon the decided day, he gleefully dug into the bag, so happy at the thought that they might join the reliable realm of pecans.

As you can kinda see in the pic above, pecans and pistachios remain unjoined :) He didn't end up eating very many, but his skin didn't care. Between the bruise (it doesn't show up so well in this shot) and the swollen, red, rashy eyes and mouth, the kid looked seriously uncared for. And though his suddenly argumentative and seriously irrational ways this week occasionally tempted me towards an uncaring thought or two... I'm finding it easier and easier (now that he's older and understands what's happening (and so do I;)) to hold him through his unrelenting frustrations and say "Its just the nuts, baby, feeling all nutty. It feels so big right now, but its gonna be ok." While this solves absolutely nothing, it gives him a light or two at the end of the tunnel like holes he digs himself into when he's reacting, and he's starting to understand and reach for the rope.

After just an evening and an afternoon of pistachios, he set them aside, himself, and hasn't touched them again. If only the little buggers got out of his physical system that fast ;)

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